Salvation Prayer

Jesus Christ died for  everyone, but sadly everyone will not accept Him. So this is your opportunity to say this short prayer and mean it with all your heart and if you do, your life will be changed for the better. Your spirit will be born again, which is something many cannot understand. But yet the Bible says, to come to him as a little child, so if you are ready, here is a simple prayer you can say silently in your heart, or out loud, but one thing, when you do, let someone know! We would love to hear you have prayed this prayer as well, so please write us and let us know! God Bless You Always, Susan Waldrop Ministries

Take a deep breath and repeat after me:

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today with a repentant heart, confessing my sins and asking for your forgiveness. I believe in you and accept you as my Lord and Savior. Please come into my heart and transform my life. Guide me on this journey of faith and help me to live a life that honors you. Thank you for your grace and mercy. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Remember, salvation is a personal decision and journey. It is a gift from God, freely given to those who seek it. I am here to support and encourage you as you walk this path. May God bless you on your journey toward a life filled with peace, hope, and love.

Susan Waldrop Ministries

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