Christian Counseling Conversations

Welcome as we embark on a new adventure together which we believe will be a blessing to many lives.

Susan’s 30-minute show; is an inspiring beacon of hope! Her unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and faith is a testament to the fact that one person with God’s blessing can make a tremendous impact on the world. By sharing the wisdom of the Bible, and the impartation of the Holy Spirit, lives are being changed for those who are lost. Her dedication and passion are truly inspiring, reminding us all to live with purpose and to use our gifts to help others. read more

Facing Hard Times? Need an encouraging word? 

We do not give out legal or medical advice but will give you an encouraging word as led by the Holy Spirit. email us with “Need a Word” in the subject line, and please explain what’s happening so we know how to pray, 🙂 


An engaging and interactive online social Television and podcast program offering a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their faith, address their concerns, and seek guidance from experienced Christian counselors.

Inspirational Interviews:
Periodically, the program will feature interviews with renowned Christian leaders, authors, and experts, offering diverse perspectives and insights on various faith-related topics.

Themed Counseling Episodes:
Each episode will revolve around a specific theme or topic, such as anxiety, relationships, faith crises, or personal growth. Susan will provide practical advice and biblical perspectives.

Testimonials and Stories:

Sharing personal stories of faith journeys and transformations will inspire and uplift thousands. If you feel you have a story you would like to share, Click here to submit your story to be possibly be featured on the program.

Free Giveaways

 “FaithTalk360: Christian Counseling Conversations” incorporates exciting giveaways. free sign-up!

 Live and pre-recorded episodes

A mix of live broadcasts and pre-recorded episodes, allowing for real-time interaction and accessibility for viewers.

Testimony of the Month

October 19, 2023

Thank you Susan for that encouraging word. It’s the best word I’ve word in a while. Thank you for for prayers. I continue to pray for you also. God bless you. Have a great day. I love you, Sandie

As a long-time member of this church, I have seen, heard, and know that Jesus is VERY real. And as it is written what he did then, he still does now. We have had many visits through the years for the first time, who then became members as well, and have their own testimonies from all over the world literally. If you’re looking for a place where God shows up, this is it. and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to know for yourself, just how real he is. Faith Talk 360 is the latest addition to the ministry, where prophetic counseling has been added as well. – Randy Caserta

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